An early morning just before Easter, we jumped on a flight to Sweden on a mission to find the world’s most deliciously tasting and 100% natural jellies.

We had been waiting for this day for a long time. Stepping through the doors, smelling the sweetness of the sugar, it all hit us – We had entered the candy factory of our dreams! Metre long, gorgeous looking liquorice sticks were wheeling around in machines and freshly made jellies were being packed into bags. In a nutshell, we had just entered a sugar land, a place we had never experienced before and we absolutely loved it. Who wouldn’t??!

So after a long day of sampling and debating whether peach should be sour or sweet and  if blueberry should have the shape of a berry or a heart, we wobbled back to the airport. High on sugar and excited about our future SugarSin sweets, the journey of our new 100% natural and vegan jellies had begun. It has been a few months and our new jellies our soon to be launched but until then here’s a little sneak peek from where it all begun. xoxo      

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