Hey, happy to see you are popping in to our blog! This is where we will share anything from yummy candy recipes, behind the scene teasers, and loads of inspiration for a sweeter everyday! It has been nearly a year since we opened our shop in London, Covent Garden. Time really flies when you’re having fun! It sometimes feels a bit surreal and we will never forget the cold and crispy December day when we first opened the doors.

malar-jossan-1Gosh we were tired. Getting the shop ready was of course super exciting but also quite exhausting (there’s a first time for everyone…)! One of the happy moments was the day when our six (way too over loaded) pallets of sweets arrived. What a HAPPY day! We totally neglected the fact that we didn’t really have enough space to store everything, and spent the day eating sweets as if we had never seen them before.


Our amazing friends and family came to help and we were all working our butts off to get the shop open for the last weekend before Christmas. Nearly 200 bubbles were to be put


up, hundreds of sweet jars to be filled up and the last bit of painting had to be done. So did we manage? No, of course not. Not until around 2 pm on the following Monday. After weeks of sleepless nights, plastering, painting (and re-plastering and re-painting!), 2.5 years of waiting was finally over. We were tired and nervous, but most of all we were super excited! And so we still are. Every day we have hundreds of happy customers coming in to our shop putting a smile on our faces. It is something about sweets that make us all smile and that is one of the reasons why we love being around the shop so much! From the start, we have had customers asking if and when we were planning to start selling online. The answer has always been ‘soon’ (same kind of answer as when people kept asking us when (and if) we were setting up the shop – “when are you guys opening that sweet shop that you keep talking about” – “soon!”). One of the many things that we have learnt is that things really do take a lot longer than you think.


Luckily it didn’t take 2.5 years this time. Our new website and webshop is finally here and it is filled with loads of fantastic treats! We hope you enjoy it and keep giving us your smiles – That’s how grey clouds turn into rainbows!

Anna & Josefin

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