Sweet Delivery Perfection

From blissful bonbons to luxury liquorice and carefully crafted candies – a lot of love goes into our sweet delivery boxes and treats. Plus, we have delicious ranges for vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free diets.

Our Famous
Signature Gummies

Remember the Classic Prosecco Gummies? Our first gummy invention was back in 2015. And we’ve sold more than 100,000 packs of these fabulous sweets since!

Our London
Sweet Shop

Like to sweet-talk to us? Our iconic Covent Garden sweet shop is a destination for sweet savants. Beautiful and bold in its design, millions of people have made sweet memories here.

Jason NeeleyJason Neeley
17:25 19 Jun 23
It’s okay they have some staples but nothing out of the ordinary . A great candy to try if you have not are bon bons. The blue ones are great. Unfortunately at sugarsin they only sell bon bons in a container and not in bulk. There are better candy shops around but this one has a good location so it become kind of a boutique candy shop.
Alan MurrayAlan Murray
21:45 28 Apr 23
Visited the store recently and bought two jars of sweets. The sweets were absolutely delicious but I couldn't have done it without the help the shop assistant, Pela. She was helped me to pick out several different types and her knowledge about the sweets was great! I only came in to browse but ended up buying two jars because of her. So a huge thank you to her.
Gaye HolmanGaye Holman
16:43 27 Apr 23
Have shopped in person servers times and absolutely love the shop,staff & most importantly the amazing sweets,best quality by far…I did an online order & sadly there was an issue with delivery, I contacted the store and the manager immediately sorted the problem & sent a replacement first class…can’t ask for better service than that!! 10/10 all round 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sarah GibbsSarah Gibbs
14:03 20 Apr 23
Very cute shop. I loved making a pick n mix. The sweets are delicious.
Ghalia Sh.Ghalia Sh.
21:14 08 Mar 23
One of the best candy shops in Town. They offer a variety of yummy candies, including vegetarian optionsTheir interiors is amazing and encourage purchasing, the staff are so friendly and helpful with choosing.Their packaging is lovely
Couldn't help but share my recent experience in this beautiful sweet shop! I visited this store in Covent Garden with my wife last weekend and gosh, I was truly amazed by the variety of delectable confectionery they had. We ended up buying lots of things - the pick & mix, the gummies, the chocolates, etc. I highly recommend a trip to all, young and old! 🙂
20:43 29 Aug 22
Did I land in Sweden? This is my candy-land and here I find here almost all the sweets that I usually find in Sweden (hint: Swedes like mix-and-match sweets). Here I find most of the Malaco, Haribo and Ferrari sweets that I love so this is like a dream come through. If you have a sweet-tooth, then this is your place. So happy I found this. Top rating for helpful and friendly staff too.
20:37 12 Jun 22
This is where you can find the best pick n mix in London. It's not just your boring Haribo but all different types of goodies!
French MontanaFrench Montana
16:53 07 Oct 21
The lady in the shop was extremely friendly and helpful. The sweets 🍭 are a bit overpriced but that’s expected. The selection of pic and mix was disappointing in my opinion. It was hard to scoop the sweets out without spilling the sweets everywhere. Overall not a bad place depending on your budget and choice of sweets. To be fair I was in a rush and was a bit overwhelmed by the choice overall. Maybe next time I wouldn’t go for the pick and mix.
Alex McIverAlex McIver
20:24 07 May 21
Received a massive delivery of sweets and I have to say that they're amazing. If you love sweets this is the place, you should try their honeycomb chocolate it is so so yummy! Something that words alone can't fully describe