Story of a Gourmet Sweet

Hello Sweetie!

Each one of our crafted confections starts with a sweet idea. It takes six to 12 months to develop each new product with the help of our high-end confectionery manufacturers

Step 1

Finding the Sweet

Our product manager Clare researches the market and looks for sweet-shaped gaps. With 20 years in the confectionery industry, she knows a thing or three about what makes a great sweet.

Step 2

A Gourmet Sweet Brief

Clare creates a brief for our expert sweet craftsmen, sketching out the sweet’s flavour and texture.

Step 3

Developing our Sweets

We’re not about sugar for sugars sake. When developing a new sweet at SugarSin, we only use natural colours and many of our sweets have a fruit base so you get that beautiful mouthfeel and taste profile.

Step 4

The Hardest Part of the Job

Our first sample is tasted in house (yes, it’s a hard job!). And this blueprint is finessed until our new confection hits the sweet spot.

It’s for this reason, you simply won’t see SugarSin sweets anywhere else.
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