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It all started with a dream by the two Swedes with a sweet tooth and an obsession to bring quality treats that are current and enjoyable. In 2011, we set to open London’s first modern confectionery store and have since become globally recognised for our Gourmet Cocktail Gummies, with our best selling Sparkling Rosé  Gummies, a great Swedish Pick n’ Mix Selection and delicious Chocolate treats.

We’re devoted to bring sweets that are enjoyable to look at, as they are to indulge, offering a range of gourmet, vegan and quality sweets. You can rest assure that when you treat yourself with SugarSin products, you’ll be tasting the world’s finest sweets made from natural colours and flavours.

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“We are a playful brand, but in the heart of it

quality is our focus” – Anna & Josefin

Gourmet Sweets

SugarSin is a London based premium confectionery brand for the kid inside you. Since our opening in 2011, we’ve made it out mission to bring contemporary sweets that are modern, high quality and current, along with a unique shopping experience that leaves a mark in everyone’s sweet book. We’re proud to be named one of the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Candy Shops’ by Architectural Digest.

Visit one of our beautiful stores filled to the brim with delicious treats or browse our online store for SugarSin’s most popular treats.

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The Blue Corner

Step into the colourful world of SugarSin and indulge in our fabulous sweets, all packed with love, shine and excitement. Inspired by Pop Art, we have design in focus from the moment you step into our store to indulging our products.

We have one of the widest pick n’ mix range in the UK – imported from every corner of Europe. Our selection is especially handpicked to offer the most exciting flavours and textures. Visit one of our stores to experience SugarSin’s unique pick n’ mix range that are equally loved by kids as well as adults.

Voted ‘World’s Most Beautiful Candy Shops’ by Architectural Digest, welcome to our store in Covent Garden ‘Where Grey Clouds Turn into Rainbows’.

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